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Ornamental Ponds

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Today it's becoming more and more common to have ornamental ponds in houses and/or in gardens. The combination of the unique natural beauty, the colors and the sounds given by these ponds makes a pearl of nature out of every garden. Following the technological development, to which we've witnessed in the last 20 years, the opportunity to create ornamental ponds has become more available and convenient than ever.

There are three types of ornamental ponds:

  1. Ornamental fish ponds – focusing on the ornamental fish and the pleasure in watching and feeding them.
  2. Highlighting elements in ornamental ponds – clear water, ornamental fish and vegetation located in the living room/balcony/roof while emphasizing the home structure and design.
  3. Water plants for ornamental ponds – focusing on varied water plants.

Proper planning of ornamental ponds will lead to saving of resources and time down the road. When planning, one must consider a wide range of factors and give them the judgment prior to beginning construction. Focusing on every detail would create an ornamental pond that looks perfect all year round.

We at "Discus Hagalil", support customers who wish to build a pond with the method of "Do it yourself". You can get our full support and assistance during the process and thereafter. Ornamental pond construction project has a great value of satisfaction when the project is done by your hands.

Discus Galilee articles to help you ornamental pond construction and maintenance;

Nitrogen Cycle In The Pond
All living creatures in the aquarium and the pond have an effect on the chemical cleanliness of the water. The more polluting factors we will have, the more we would like to have an efficient biological system which will be able to cleanse the water from pollution.
Ornamental Fish Acclimatization

Ornamental Fish Acclimatization
When we would like to add new ornamental fish to the pond or aquarium, the acclimatization will be preformed gradually in order to prevent any harm being done to the new fish. The key here is not to make any drastic changes. All ornamental fish can adjust to the environment in which they will live in. However, an extreme change in a short timeframe, might harm the fish, and even cause death.
Garra rufa

Garra Rufa
The Garra rufa is a particular sort of fish that lives in rivers. It has a special ability of clinging to rocks and cleaning them out by sucking down all the algae. This Garra Rufa spa fish was discovered not long ago as a great manicurist. It was discovered that the Garra Rufa eats the dead skin from people’s legs as well as seaweed and algae from river rocks.

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