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Garra Rufa

The Garra rufa is a particular sort of fish that lives in rivers. It has a special ability of clinging to rocks and cleaning them out by sucking down all the algae. This Garra Rufa spa fish was discovered not long ago as a great manicurist. It was discovered that the Garra Rufa eats the dead skin from people’s legs as well as seaweed and algae from river rocks.

The origin of the Garra Rufa is in Turkey. Many years ago the Turks discovered the fish’s love to dead skin. They began using it on people’s skin problems and wounds, giving it the funny nickname, “the doctor fish”.

Garra Rufa Spa Fish

After the fish are bought they are put in special pools, where people immerse their legs. This allows the Garra Rufa spa fish, access to a large amount of free food and the people get “free” pedicure all together.

This special form of pedicure is described to be one of the most amazing sensations a person can experience. While the “nibbling” Garra Rufa spa fish are being fed, the person can enjoy a nice gentle tickle. When the fish are done with their meal, the person’s feet are usually clean and free of all dead skin that was eaten by the Garra rufa spa fish.

The Garra rufa spa fish is also associated with the curing of several complicated skin diseases such as psoriasis, wounds and other skin defects, thanks to a special enzyme released by the fish during their “feast”.

Your New Therapist

In conclusion, this fish can function as your therapist with its amazing abilities and love for dead skin of feet and other parts of the body. The Garra Rufa spa fish can also be your answer to some complicated skin diseases such as eczema, psoriasis or fungus. It is highly recommended to try the Garra Rufa treatment at least once since it is reported to be an amazing tingling sensation which you have never experienced before.

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