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Our fish farm was established in 2005.
We are located in Kibbutz Sde-Nehemia which is in The Upper Galillee.
How to get our farm?

In our farm we breed Discus fish and a variety of freshwater fish.

As a leading business in the area we aim at supplying the best and the most advanced equipment available in the market. Among our products you can find items of well known companies. Your money is guaranteed for full satisfaction and enjoying excellent products.

In our farm you won't find imported Discus fish brought from the Far East that cost one or two dollars. All our fresh water fish are raised in Israel. Our aim is to supply freshwater fish that were born and raised in Israel.
The question is why not buying imported fish from the Far East?
The answer is quite simple- Health. There is a risk that fish brought from the East although surviving different diseases may harm fish grown in Israel. When a person flies to the East he has to take certain vaccines to protect his body from relevant sickness which is typical to the East. He must do it eventhough he is definitely healthy.

Our speciality is fish ponds set up which emphasizes integration of water in the natural surroundings of the house. The contemporary trend in gardens is installing fish ponds. The atmosphere caused by the water sounds combined with water plants makes the difference between an ordinary garden and a special garden. We install 3 kinds of ponds:

  1. Fish ponds- which focus on beautiful fascinating fish you may enjoy watching and feeding.
  2. Decoration water elements in the house- fresh clear water with or without fish in the living room, on the balcony or in a penthouse designed in harmony with the structure of the house.
  3. Water gardens- beautifully landscaped garden ponds which include special water plants and water flowers in a variety of colors.

The business was established by Shaul Bitton who has 25 years of experience in the field of freshwater tanks and ponds setups and maintenance.

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