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Discus Hagalil provides a variety of solutions:
  • Freshwater aquariums installing and maintenance.
  • Building of fish tanks.
  • Adjusting lids for aquariums in different sizes and a variety
    of colors according to personal needs.
  • Setup and maintenance of garden ponds.
  • Diagnosis service and treatment for freshwater fish in
    customers' house.
  • Building foundations for accumulation and recycling of water.
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  • All products are under one roof (see details– click here):
    For freshwater tanks–
    • Personally designed aquariums as well as brand names.
    • Aluminum lids designed and built according to the customer's needs.
    • Filters, air pumps, tubing, air stones, decorations, grit, CO2 systems, substruct, heaters , UV lamps, etc...
    • Aquarium plants, artificial plastic plants.
    • Medicines,fertilizers and essential materials for water quality improvement.
    For Ponds–
    • PVC sheets.
    • Water pumps, filters, UV lamps, underwater lamps, decoration.
    • Plants- Nymphaea, Lotus, Papyrus, and more...
    • Beautiful fish for ponds- Koi, Rosy barb, Gambusia, and more...
  • High level counseling service– professional reliable counseling in all matters connected to freshwater aquariums and garden ponds. The service includes coming to the customer's house and checking the water's quality. Constant tutoring for those who prefer the– "Do It Yourself" method.
  • 24 hours, 7 days support-service available for emergency cases.
דגי נוי דגי דיסקוס בריכות נוי
Aquarium Discus Fish Pond
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